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If you are ready to quit smoking for good, reduce the number of cigarettes you have each day, or keep your addictions at bay, there is lots of local support that can help you. Drop-in to a dedicated stop-smoking session in your area, book an appointment at a local clinic, or visit your nearest pharmacy for advice.

Free local support to quit smoking for good is available to everyone. Browse all the options available in your borough below. If you live outside of Rochdale, select your local area above.

Community Events

There are lots of informal community events right across Rochdale, in every neighbourhood in the borough. Find the nearest, upcoming event to you below, and go along to get support to quit smoking.

1:1 Clinics

If you’re finding it hard to quit and need more personal support, you can get help in a free 1:1 clinic. Book an appointment for professional help and advice in identifying the reasons you smoke and putting a plan in place for you to quit.

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